Another Star Shines Down On Us

  • He may not have been a part of the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA story in any way, but one of my favorite characters of my youth, J.R. Ewing, lost his alter-ego on Friday night when Larry Hagman died after suffering from complications of cancer.


    Everything I have been reading and hearing about Larry's personal and private life makes me sad that I never took the time to write him a letter and thank him for making J.R. such a great character to watch. FALCON CREST was my passion in the 1980's and early 1990's. While I didn't watch DALLAS regularly, I did like Larry's work when I did watch it. With the return of DALLAS on TNT this past summer, Larry's ruthless counterpart, J.R. Ewing, was still as big as Texas.
    Today, I am feeling melancholy. What can be said about this gentleman that has not already been shared? There has not been one bad comment anywhere; not one foul word used to describe Larry hagman. He was a gentleman and a kind and loving person to everyone he ever met. He loved to share his stories about his days on DALLAS openly and without ego. If a fan approached Larry for his autograph, he never charged money for it. He would simply ask them to tell him a joke.
    Imagine a world without Larry Hagman in it. That is the reality facing all of Larry's fans today and in the days and months to come. But, it will always be a world where this classy guy will be remembered for his contributions to the medium of television. He may have lived to 81, but it was quite a good life he led. However, many feel as if they just lost their best friend. Thankfully, the medium of DVD has also captured Larry's work on DALLAS forever. This is where I am finally seeing Larry at his unconscionable best. That evil smile, that ruthless way he did business, and his snide wisecracks will always be available to his fans, old and new alike to enjoy time and again. 
    Our universe is one star brighter now as Larry has taken his rightful place in the Heavens, where he will forever shine down upon us with that smile that became his trademark.
    If you are a cowboy, or you are not but you own a cowboy hat anyway, I ask that tonight you put it on and step out under the darkness of the night and look for the brightest star in the sky. When it twinkles down upon you with a wink, tip your hat to him. It will be Larry smiling and thanking you for the gesture of respect.
    Rest in peace Larry. You've certainly earned it.