Battlestar Galactica Fan Club

  • Friends, I have the honor of serving as President of the I have since the inception in 2000.

    This organization was literally birthed from conversations between myself and Richard Hatch back in 1999 when I joined his ragtag fleet in the "drive to revive"....back in the day there was NO studio support, no 're-imagined series"...there was nothing but a hard core committed base of fans that we rallied together.

    I don't mean just Richard and me of course....I'm talking about a huge range of fans who took part in what I like to call "The Resurrection War"...and that is in retrospect that I give it a title...but a massive struggle took place between '99 & '03 that resulted in the re-imagined series.

    They heard us, they heard all of us.

    Chris Feehan and myself took the bit in our teeth to launch the BFC and at the same time was launched...we weren't about to go into Battle without Battlestars....!

    We have...and I mean you...all of kept this franchise alive for 35 years.

    I will tell you that I was talking with Herb Jefferson Jr this weekend (the original Boomer) and he thanked me....he thanked us all for keeping the fire a'lit.  I was very touched by that...I have always thought Herb a straight shooter and solid guy...and there is no BS there, right from the heart.

    We WILL do this: we WILL work with the fans...all around the world..We WILL work with the actors. We WILL work with the writers...We WILL work with the directors....We WILL work with the producers in order to keep this franchise moving forward.

    Battlestar here and NOW....Battlestar forever!

    So Say We All!

    Shawn O'Donnell
    Battlestar Galactica Fan Club