President Gallagher

  • When I was a kid, Battlestar Galactica was   scheduled to air on a Sunday Night, way back in  11980. I waited, until it was  pre-empted by a real world signing of Peace Treaties  and the beginning of the end of the Kremlin, several super powers  were meeting  at the  UN in New York City, I was pissed off - then I caught the end. It was re-broadcasted the   followwing week!

    I found the whole concept where 12 planets each with billions of  people, The Battlestar ATLANTIA  was the first to be destroyed by a  hidden cylon attack Armada, poor Rick Springfield - making a special appearance along with others. Lorne Greene's portrayal of Adama was brilliant. The 5th fleet which consisted of the Atlantia, the Galactica, the Columbia, the Solaria and the Triton (or Rikon), the PEGASUS belonged to another fleet! The GALACTICA picked up all the surviving vipers from a huge space battle!Lead by Starbuck (Dirk), Jolly, too many to get into it! It was the Trojan Horse Gambit, the 12 worlds/colonies were destroyed by cylon raiders & cylon basestars that arrived at strategic locations around  the Colonial Star System!

    I suppose I enjoyed the original'MOVIE', then 220 ships - all quickly exited stage left!


    I didn't care for the TV series, where they reach Earth but decide not to land!