Welcome everyone to 2013

  • Hey BG fans and friends I hope you're all ready for a rousing and life changing 2013!!!  So much is already going on in the BG world and I'm excited about the 35th BG anniversary in Houston this year.  I hope you're all coming!!  I want to kick some laser tag *** at this convention as they have an amazing laser course already set up there!! LOL.  And I dont' know about you but this year I plan on making my dreams come true by not just thinking and talking about it but by acting on my creative impulses and following my inner guidance with committed steps of action!  We all get messages and guidance but rarely listen to what our heart is guiding us to do.  Takes courage to step out of fear and unworthiness and take a risk on yourself!! To be daring enough to believe in yourself and to connect with that deep knowing inside that tells you that you have unique gifts and talents and the creative vision and the ability to bring it all into this world that is waiting so patiently for your unique contribution.  Takes all of us sharing our gifts with this world to make it truly into the kind of world we all long for.  Not one of us deserves to be left out of the equation no matter what you have done or not done and the deal is not complete until we are all included in it!!  We all have been blessed with the ability to create miracles in this world and when we do we not only uplevel our own life but help make it possible for those around us to touch the magic!!  I can't wait to meet you all at Galacticon and hopefully I will be able to meet some of you at various conventions this year.  I also plan on putting together some "LIFE" seminars around the country this year where I will help people to realize their true potential and the means to fulfill it.   Sending you and yours all the very best for 2013!!  So Say We All!!!