'SEEKERS' Now Operational!

  • RAPTOR PILOTS! Looking For Adventure? Looking To Become Part Of The Finest Airwing In The Fleet?  Sign Up For Raptor Squadron 'SEEKERS'! The SEEKERS Are The Multimission Raptor Squadron Of The Battlestar RAVEN(BFC-002),The Fleet Flagship Of The Battlestar Fan Club.


                    And,What Do They'Seek'?


          THE ENEMY.......THEIR SIGNALS...............And,THEIR DESTRUCTION!


     The Primary Missions Of The Raptor Are Recon And Electronic Warfare(And,Transport,SAR&EVA); However,On Occasion,Raptors Perform STRIKE Missions As Well! Also, They Carry Marines Into Hostile Situations, And Pull Them Out!


       So, If This Kind Of VARIETY Intrests You, If You Hunger For THIS Kind Of Action, 


                         SIGN UP TODAY!         Battlestarfanclub.com/group/the-seekers


                                                  WHAT IS YOUR PROFFESSION?


                                                        Capt. Leonidas,CAG,BFC-002