• Opening: PLANET DRUIDIA(Located in Federation Space Near the Triangle Region Between Klingon And Romulan Space)


       In the Wilderness surrounding the Unthar Mountains, Fleet Admiral David K. Braxton Takes A favorite Morning Hike. As Commander Of the Federation's Seventh Fleet,Stationed At nearby Star Station Druidia, He Has Led The Federation/Allied Effort In the Dominion War,Which Ended in a Hard-won Victory. Now, With Peace Re-established, He Is Enjoying a Peaceful Vacation.

    He Passes by Small Villages, Where The people Greet Him warmly. He Is known Not Only For being The Best Flag Officer in Star Fleet, But,Also as the Husband Of HRH Princess Elena,Daughter Of Vespa,Queen of the Druids. His Family line is Also illustrious: His Great-grandfather was One of the designers Of the Original Consitution Class Starship. grandfather Emil fought In the First Romulan War. His Uncle,RADM Harold Braxton,Was Killed Leading a Federation Task Force fending Off A second Gorn Attack on Cestus III, And,his Father,Fleet Admiral Joshua Braxton, Led Star Fleet To The defense Of Druidia From A marauder Race known as the"Spaceballs"; After Which, He was Given Command Of The Base And Fleet established there, Not only To protect Druidia, But To Keep  Both the Klingons, And Romulans in check; He was respected By Both. Now, the Son Has Taken Up His Late Father's Command, And carried On the legacy. He Has Fought Against The Klingons, The Borg,And the Dominon, And Now he is contenplating His retirement.

      He Finishes his walk At The Royal Palace, just Below The mountains; He Wonders If There Is Any more trouble waiting in the Stars; He Will Find the Stars Always Hide Suprises.




      The INTREPID-Class Starship USS VIKING(NCC-74659) Is Patrolling The Southern Border Of Federation Space; She Recieves A Message About a Sensor Contact From a Buoy At the Border. The Viking Is Commanded By Capt.Jessica Lenore; her Husband,Jack,Commanded The Starship HONSHU During the Dominon War; He was killed When The Honshu Was Attacked And destroyed On a Mission To ferry A High-Level Cardassian Prisoner. 

     The Viking reaches A point Five Parsecs Beyond the Border.  " Any updates On The Contact?" She asks her Tactical Officer "None Yet,Captain; They just seem To Be waiting Out of reach." Answers Lcdr.Morris.   "Whoever They Are, They Must Be looking For Something; Have you Hailed Them?"  " On all Channels,Captain,Nothing." Five Minutes Passes By, then: "Captain! They Are Now moving Directly Toward us!" " Can We Scan Them Now? Maybe we Can get a Better idea On who they Are."  "Stand By..... ...They Seem to Be a group Of Five Small Craft.....They Kind of remind me Of longhorn Steers Back Home.......They seem to be Armed with Old-Style Projectile Cannons."  "Open A Channel"  "Channel Open"  "This Is The Federation Starship Viking....Please Identify yourselves...What Are your Intentions?"

    "No response,captain"    "Captain, You Are Not going to Beleive This... Those Craft Have No pilots...They Are..Biomecanical drones!" "Say What?!" " Yes,Captain! Whoever Built them Just put a Brain And other Organs Inside of them!"  " Just Who In hell Would Do that?!" Lenore Thinks Out loud ; "Unknown,But,They Are Now On a Confirmed intercept Course!"

    The Raiders Move Closer; " UNIDENTIFIED CRAFT! YOU ARE MAKING A HOSTILE MOVE TOWARDS FEDERATION SPACE! HALT YOUR ADVANCE AND IDENTIFY! WE WILL DEFEND OURSELVES!" "Still Not responding,Captain!"  "RED ALERT! SHEILDS UP! ARM PHASERS!" The Next Minute,The Raiders open Fire On the Viking.The Sheilds hold. "Damage?" "None, Sir; Their weapons Apperantly Can't penetrate our sheilds..... They're Coming For Another pass,Captain!"  More Shots Are Fired, The Raiders Swing Around Again. "Okay, If they want to play rough..they Were warned!   Lock Phasers on Target! "  "Phasers Locked!"  The Raiders Are About to Shoot again   "FIRE!!"  Five Cylon Raiders Are Instantly Vaporised

    " The Prime Directive Didn't save them,Unfortunately!" Lenore Says  Two minutes Later: "Captain! Sensor Contact!     Another group Of those Craft Are Headed our way!" "How Many?"  Morris,With a astonished look answers " ...Over Two Hundred!"  "My God!" Lenore Whispers As She Rises out of Her Chair  She looks Straight at The viewscreen, Then: "PHOTON TORPEDOES! FULL SPREAD,MAXIMUM YEILD!!"  The Mass of Raiders advances on the lone Federation Starship, With the Obvious Intent To Swarm Attack " Twenty thousand Meters,and Closing Fast,Captain!"  "Stand By; wait untill They Are in effective range!" " Fifteen Thousand"  "A little Bit Closer, You Toasters!" Lenore Thinks  "Ten Thousand!" "Eight Thousand!"  "CAPTAIN! SENSORS INDICATE THEY ARE ARMING NUCLEAR-TIPPED MISSLES-" "FIRE!!"Lenore screams;  A Full volley of Photon torpedoes Launches From the Viking's tubes; They Spread Out As A wall BeforeThe Mass of Raiders; They Strike the Leaders In A Massive Display of fireworks That light up the Sky; There Are Chain Reactions that destroy Raiders Behind them; It Is A huge Display of Fire And Carnage; Finally the Flashes Die down and the crew Of the Viking Can recover  "Report!"  "Stand By,..... Seventy-Five Craft destroyed,Captain,........The Rest Are Headed back From where they came...Wherever that is!"  "Wherever that is, It would Be Suicide To follow; No sense in attacking a Beehive Alone!" Lenore stands Up "Activate Marker buoy And set a Course Back To Federation Space, I'll Be in my ready room; Advise me when we are Communications Range With StarFleet..You Have the bridge Mister Morris." "Aye,Captain";  Capt. Lenore Enters Her ready Room,And Slumps Down Into A chair. "Whoever they Are,They Sound like more trouble." She thinks out loud.