How to use language in your paper

  • The configuration of the message is determined by objective circumstances, especially in the sphere of communication and the situation in which the communication takes place. This requires the transmitter to comply with certain rules. In other words, in specific communication acts produced in a particular situation and in relation to a particular field of activity, we distinguish common features, regardless of the particularities and intent of the transmitter. Anyone can easily realize that, without being supervised, he "shapes" his speech according to the subject of the communication (what type of information is spoken: official, scientific, journalistic, colloquial, artistic) and the situation (official, public, intimate etc.). You can also reach out for help me write my research paper.

    Language performs different communication functions, there are different languages, socially conditioned. These functional variants of the language are called functional styles. The functional style is a variation of the language, a specific way of using the language by the speakers engaged in a specific field of activity. In a series of messages formulated by the same speaker in different circumstances, particular features are distinguished, which do not meet in other speaker's messages. These steps define the individual style, that is, how to use the language according to the individual particularities of the speaker.