‘Stranger wholesale halloween costumes Things’ Season 2 Trailer

  • Following the image teaser wholesale halloween costumes that leaked over the weekend, Netflix has unveiled a new full trailer for the second season of its hit series Stranger Things. 

    The new clip reveals some good Halloween Costumes Outlet news and some bad news. The good news is that many of your favorite Hawkins pals are set to return, including Eleven (yes, she’s alive!,) Dustin and Will. The bad news is that they appear to be coming face-to-face with some terrifying new threats, like a giant spider and blood-colored lightning storms.

    The first season became an overnight sensation, and was later nominated for multiple Golden Globe awards, while both volumes of the soundtrack by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein were nominated for Grammys.

    The show will return on Halloween, October 31. Check out the new trailer above, and the previous teaser below.

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