New “Kicks” Still Providing Same Kicks For AlwaysReliable Kicke

  • Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett isn one for offering his opinion on where his players rank among their peers around the league. He just doesn see the point, and honestly, he has a point. It a no-win situation. Either the praise comes across as bias, or the lack thereof will upset one of his players.Among the rare exceptions has been all-world kicker Dan Bailey, about whom Garrett has on multiple occasions offered such praise as, ou could make a compelling case he does his job as well as anyone on the team. He as reliable a guy as Ie been around kicking the football.ctually, through six seasons, no kicker in the history of the NFL has been more reliable than Bailey. He converted 89.8 percent of his field goal attempts, the highest percentage in history, and has never missed an extra point, even after the league pushed the distance back to 32 yards last season.He already off to a great start in 2017. Not only did he make all four field goal attempts in a 19-3 win against the Giants, but he was the only bright spot in a loss to the Broncos, connecting on a career-high tying 56-yard kick before halftime.As for Bailey secret to his success, it all starts with mechanics and repetition, and perhaps the oldest pair of cleats in the league, held together the last few years with superglue and duct tape. More on those later.t takes discipline to use the same mechanics, go through that routine the same way each time,” Bailey says. hat important at my position because there are times when a kick comes with a lot of pressure, a lot of expectations, whatever you want to call it.ou don have 60 plays on offense like some of the guys. You might have one or two kicks the entire game and they might be the difference in the game. The more you can simplify that, the situation is what it is. I know what my mechanics are, so I just going to go out there and go through my routine. That takes some of the pressure off yourself. It the same as the other 1,000 times youe done this.”Obviously, though, Bailey admits with a laugh that he human. There a difference between what he feeling on an extra point in the first quarter, or even a kick on the practice field, and a 52-yarder with a second remaining and the game on the an awareness of the situation, that the best way to say it,” Bailey says. guess there is a sense of anxiety there. Not in a bad way. More like an anticipation to get to that moment, at least for me. I enjoy that. It a rush; it an adrenalin rush for sure. And everyone is watching you at that moment. That part of the rush, too.”