The EDS analyses detected in the pores the presence of oxygen

  • The EDS analyses detected in the pores the presence of oxygen, sulphur, fluorine and nickel. This often results in reduced development costs and a competitive end product with higher quality. The origin of stains on the surface of anodized aluminum profiles was investigated. The main reason for the rests of pores in anodized layer was not optimised anodizing process. Our size and alloy product offer is customized to regional market requirements. Anodized surface and layer were investigated by scanning electron microscopy, metallography of cross section of the layer was performed and EDS analyses were done.Designing with aluminium profile is a statement of intent.

    Investigations confirmed that apparent stains were an optical effect, a consequence of different refraction of the light due pores in the layer.The Multi Port Extruded profiles or micro channel tubes, with their large internal surface area, achieve more efficient heat transfer and are therefore ideal for use in highly effective heat is a site dedicated to the batching plants advances being made everyday, by the worlds leading product designers, in all fields of design and engineering. With their large internal surface area, they achieve more efficient heat transfer and hence are ideal for use in highly effective heat exchangers. Based on many years of experience, Hydro Aluminium Precision Tubing is in the position to mortar concrete pumps be a competent, co-operative partner starting at the product development stage.

    The Multi Port Extruded profiles are available in various sizes and alloys, ensuring the best properties for the purpose required. No difference was observed by scanning microscope between the surface with and without stain. The metallography of cross section of anodized layer revealed prevailing compact layer, only in the region with the stain a small pores were observed below the surface. Sulphur confirmed the sulphuric acid was used as electrolyte at anodizing process, but fluorine and nickel are evidence that pores were cold sealed in solution containing NiF2. This aluminium alloy has been utilized especially in the automotive heat exchanger industry, but also makes its entry into the commercial and industrial air condition as well as refrigeration industries. Hxlau. The pores were not connected to the surface. Stains were visible on the surface under the specific angle of observation.We have been following all the scientific norms regarding the aluminum profile.

    The aluminium Multi Port Extruded tubes are unique tubes developed with the highest manufacturing Precision Tubing combines these qualities in numerous ways. The aluminium Multi Port Extrusion (MPE) or microchannel tube is a highly refined quality product and is characterized by the following properties: Low weight Excellent conductor of heat and electricity High corrosion resistance High recycling value High surface quality High pressure resistanceOther metals with similar qualities exist, but the aluminum profiles used at Hxlau. In this website you will find examples of cutting edge design with profile aluminium, examples of aluminium design projects from multi-million pound building developments to the smallest consumer products, and student design projects. Presented are results of investigation. To produce the highest quality products while exploiting the advantages of a strong, lightweight, durable and design friendly material.