Insider tip for a flat stomach: baby porridge

  • Camila Alves, the wife of Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey, is the mother of three and still one of the hottest red-carpet sweepers. What is the beauty secret of the model?

    Flat belly

    In an interview with the US online portal selskapskjoler, , the Brazilian revealed why her stomach is always so flat . Her nutritionist Rachel Beller gave her an ingenious tip: In addition to fresh fruits and proteins, the Red Carpet Beauty feeds on baby porridge. Yes, that's right.

    Because the pureed meals for toddlers are less spicy and particularly easy to digest due to the consistency. The digestive tract does not have to work hard to utilize the food and therefore does not puff up. The logical consequence: the stomach stays flat!

    Camila Alves replaces her lunch mostly with baby porridge, which she then spices up with a few spices (mostly turmeric , sea salt and green pepper) and olive oil.