Chinese Visa Ottawa - How to Apply For a Chinese Visa

  • If you are planning a visit to The People's Republic of China, bear in mind that a passport is not the only file required for entry. China has opened its gates wide with foreign tourists, however there are strict requirements that must be met so as to input and leave Chinese dirt. You are going to require a Chinese visa therefore spend some time to comprehend the steps to take in the application process.


    The Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your house country is responsible for issuing Chinese visas. The kind of union needed is determined by the reason for the stay. Courtesy, Regular, Official and Diplomatic visas are available, each using their own official designation.


    AType L visa is what tourists to China require due to their journeys in the vicinity of China. The type L is specific for people who have been in China to see relatives and buddies, handle issues of your own character or who would like to go to China's amazing cities and landscapes. This type of visa is undoubtedly the most widely used as foreign visitors flock to China.


    You have to possess a valid passport before applying for a chinese visa ottawa. Make certain that it is current and does not die in 6 weeks or even less. If you're a traveler, then assess your passport publication to ensure it's at least 1 page. You can also need a passport photo in color or monochrome which is 2x2 inches in size. Visas are available for single entry or multiple entry for people that plan to proceed around in and out of the country over repeatedly. Your single entry visa lasts a few months, and also multiple entry visas might be useful for as long as a couple of years, depending upon your own birth status.


    Visa applications have to be shown personally at the Embassy or Consulate. The processing time is given as 4 working days, but it's prudent to plan for longer if delays or questions regarding your supporting documentation. The purchase price for a Chinese visa is $30.00 - $90.00 for non-US taxpayers. The variant in fee depends upon if the visa is right for single visit or several entrances.