Before applying the cleaner to your carpet

  •   You must first soak up as much of the urine as possible.

      If two treatments don't eradicate the odor, you may have to replace the padding. The tips below will give you the best possible chance of removing cat urine from carpet. If the stain is already dry, you will need to re-wet the stain before proceeding. White paper towels or white towels should be used for the job so that color doesn't transfer to your carpet. The stained place along with the surrounding carpet should be soaked thoroughly with the cleaner.When your cat has urinated on your carpet, you must act quickly before the stain and odor become permanent. The best cleaner to use will contain enzymes, chemicals, bacteria or a combination of the three to completely remove the smell.

      Next, a specially formulated cat urine removal cleaner should be used after the carpet has dried. Put heavy objects such as books on top of the towels Plastic Outdoor Chairs Suppliers and leave overnight so that as much urine as possible is removed. Treat the subfloor with sealant before laying a new pad to prevent the urine from soaking into the concrete or wood underneath the pad. If you still smell urine odor, you will need to repeat the steps above except treat a larger area this time in case the urine spread further underneath the carpet. Do not use any type of heat such as a steam cleaner as this could set the stain and smell. Don't use your foot to apply pressure, as you could get urine on your shoe and then track it over your carpet, creating an even bigger mess.

      After the carpet has dried, if a fresher smell is desired, sprinkle baking soda over the treated area and vacuum.

      Removing cat urine from carpet can be difficult, but is often possible if the correct steps and proper cat urine removal cleaner are used.

      Before applying the cleaner to your carpet, do a test run on a hidden piece of carpet. Products containing ammonia should not be used as your cat may interpret the smell of ammonia to be cat urine and continue to urinate on that section of carpet. Sniff the carpet to see if the cat urine odor has been completely removed.

      . Plastic wrap or foil should be placed over the treated area so the carpet stays wet longer giving the cleaner a longer time to work. Common household cleaners should not be used since the urine needs to be broken down by a chemical process, or the odor will remain