• Comicpalooza Announces: Armin Shimerman, as Guest

    Well folks, the third Star Trek guest announce for GalactiCon 3' s sister con, Comicpalooza is none other than the lovabale, funny, extremely greedy and willing to do whatever it takes to acquire more latinum like all of his species (with the exception of his brother Rom), is none other than Armin Shimerman. He was best known for playing the Ferengi Bartender Quark on Deep Space Nine.


    Personally, I would like to meet Quark! I love his character on Deep Space Nine. So BSG fans who are Star Trek Fans, don't forget to get your Silver Memberships now and gain full access to Comicpalooza without any extra charge. #Galacticon3 #BSG #BattlestarRaven #bsgfanclub

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