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    I just wanted to share a message to all of you that I just got today.  It is from the Time Warriors!  The Time Warriors is a major blogging site based out of the United Kingdom.  One of the main things they do at the Time Warriors is they interview and feature fans from all around the world, that does costuming of any kind.  He just did recently did an interview with V fans from America. One of the main writer for The Time Warriors happens to be a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica.  He wanted me to extend an invitation to all of you out there, if anyone of you are interested in participating in an interview conducted by him and maybe even be featured at their site located at the following link:  


    Don't hesitate to check them out specially their Irish Cosplay Section!

    He believes that this might also help connect with a lot of Irish Fans and maybe even something real good might come out of it.  So if anyone of you out there especially members of Battlestar Raven, that wants to take this opportunity, this is your chance now to feel and be like a star.         ;-) :-)   Anyone interested may contact  Owen Quinn at:  christine.quinn2004@btinternet.com


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