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    The Flying Tiger’s Story


    The history of the Flying Tiger’s during WWII is well known and documented. They were out numbered by the Imperial Japanese air force and were victorious in the face of insurmountable odds against them. I pledge to continue this illustrious history for the modern day Flying Tiger’s aboard the Battlestar Raven.


    As you know, the Flying Tiger’s were the second Viper squadron to become operational aboard the Raven. My squadron was the first to achieve goals that none other has to date. What are these goals you might ask? The Flying Tiger’s has the first pilot aboard the Raven that has earned both Viper and Raptor qualifications and the much sought after “Top Gun” award.  I have combined many styles of leadership to build the squadron and the pilots are following in my foot steps by completing their Viper/Raptor training without me ordering them to do so. I am very proud to lead such a dedicated group of pilots.


    I as the leader of the Flying Tiger’s squadron aboard the Raven I have studied the tactics used by our enemy past and present and I have gleaned their best qualities to use against them in our galactic struggle for the survival of the Human Race. In other words, I use the best the enemy has used against us and turn it around and throw it right back at them without letting up.


    During WWII the German Luftwaffe perfected the formation known as the “Schwarm” in English it’s known as the “Finger Four” formation it gave their pilots superior protection when entering into combat. It was far superior to the standard formations flown by the allies at the time. It was so successful that the Finger Four formation was adopted by the USAF and many other air forces all over the world. I decided to adopt the Finger Four as the primary attack formation used by the Flying Tiger’s squadron against the Cylons.


    The formation has very distinct advantages in combat. The leader is able to see his wingman on his port side and is protected by him as well as the leader being able to come to the aid of his wing man if necessary. The secondary element on the leader’s starboard side is taking care of his six from their point of view as they can protect each other as the lead element of the formation is capable of doing. This formation works equally well with squadron's of plans or just the basic formation of four. Additional formations trail a short distance behind the leading group. The combined strength of this formation is able to wreak havoc against any attacking enemy.


    The images don’t show it, but each plane is at a slightly different altitude to allow the ease of the formation to change direction without causing a mid air collision.



    I am the lead pilot of my squadron and I’m always at the cutting edge of the battle. I would never ask any of my pilots to perform a duty I my self am not willing to perform. I lead my squadron with a strong hand and I’m willing to give up my life if need be for my pilots.


    Anyone that joins my squadron is a new member of my family. It is an Honor and my greatest pleasure to serve together with my pilots and crew aboard the Battlestar Raven! ! !


    SO SAY WE ALL! ! ! !


    Lt Jg Reamer



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