• Battlestar Raven Panel at Space City Con





    We just wanted to put the word out there that Battlestar Raven, Battlestar Galactica Fan Club Flagship Chapter, has been scheduled by Space City Con to do a panel on August 4, 2013 between the times of 10:00-11:30am. The time is subject to change depending on they have going on at the convention. But for now, this is the panel time. Battlestar Raven will be joined by members of the Blackstar Squadron (Classic Series) along with other members of the Battlestar Raven (representing the RDM Series). We will also have a Cylon present there as well. So for those planning to go and or already going, please don't hesitate to come and join us at the panel and meet members of our infamous group and have fun and share lots of laughs with us there.



    ~Raven Actual



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