Apollo To Tom Zarek Audio CD

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Richard Hatch, known to millions of sci-fi fans as Captain Apollo and Tom Zarek, has recorded a two disc audio book of his memoirs of both the original and re-imagined versions of the show.


Hatch begins his story as a struggling actor before being cast as the idealistic Captain Apollo in the Classic 1978 version of the show. His experiences on Battlestar Galactica are vividly recalled as he shares many indelible memories of the iconic actors he appeared along side, and the challenges and barriers one of the most expensive shows in TV history faced at a time when networks were highly skeptical of Sci-fi in general. 


The original Battlestar Galactica series took over 18 months to film, but lasted only one season, however, Hatch goes on to talk about his own revival efforts with 'The Second Coming' trailer.   Recollecting the filming of this highly regarded presentation with the help of a team of industry professionals and fans from around the country, he shares his amazing story to demonstrate to the studios what an updated Battlestar continuation series could look like.  Trailer in hand and attending every Sci-fi convention in the country Richard campaigned even on the relatively early internet to inspire a revival, but in the end the Networks and Studios turned down any attempt to continue the original BG series. 


After co-producing the 25thBG anniversary convention and having a chance to meet Producer/Writer Ron Moore, Hatch finally agreed to accept a new role as convicted terrorist Tom Zarek in Moore's re-imagined vision of Battlestar Galactica. 


The Zarek character had been imprisoned for 25 years, and a one shot episode turned into a continuing journey from convict to Vice-President and then President, during the show’s many twists and turns of elections and coups.  Hatch's acceptance of the role eventually led to him overcoming his own prejudices about the new show and gaining a new respect for Ron Moore’s vision and the artistry of the actors, writers and production team.  Hatch goes on to describe his own healing process of portraying a character which mirrored many aspects of his own life. 


The conclusion of the second disc gives Hatch the opportunity to reflect on the two very different Battlestar series and the life changing journey he has taken over 35 years 'From Apollo to Tom Zarek'.


The audio book has been released by Explore Multimedia is exclusively available on double CD from http://www.fromapollototomzarek.com/ and selected digital retailers.